Sant Maurici Lake

Route from Espot

Sant Maurici Lake is the most famous lake in the Pyrenees to be within the Aigüestortes National Park, the only one in Catalonia.

We start walking from the village of Espot. First, at the exit of the village, we find the hydroelectric plant of Sant Maurici, which receives water from a pressure pipe from 500m of altitude above, of the Peguera valley. We continue along the road that goes to Sant Maurici until it reaches approximately 1.5 km, where the route divert to the right.

A little further up, on the left, we find prat de Pierró car park, which can be accessed by private vehicle in the summer season. This parking is filled very fast in summer, so I recommend going there early. From this point, we will begin to find more hikers along the way.

Finally, at approximately 7 km of route, is the hermitage of Sant Maurici, which is the one that gives name to the main lake, which is 400m in a straight line. Then, after 20 minutes, we reach the lake, from which we enjoy privileged views, from right to left: Pic del Portarró, Agulla de Portarró and Els Encantats.


* Els Encantats: Legend says that these right needles are two hunters who had fled mass for St. Mauritius (September 22) to see who was the first to beat a chamois. They were cursed and were petrified forever.
* The Lake of Sant Maurici has an area of 0.215 km2, equivalent to 21.5 hectares. It is about 1,100 meters long by about 200 wide, with a water volume of about 2.6 Hm³.Receives the waters of the rivers and torrents of Ratera, Portarró and Subenuix; while its emissary, the River Escrita, drains the Valley of Espot to the Noguera Pallaresa.
*Sant Maurici Lake is the best known, important and route of the valley.


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